Responsive Handle to the Angle

Responsive Handle to the Angle for Decorators Brushes


This design is a Responsive Handle to the Angle for Decorators Brushes that designed to avoid wrist injuries.


In fact, a mechanism has been designed to make the wrists of building painters almost constant during painting. This is an important issue in ergonomics and prevents long-term damage to the wrists of users.


The range used for calculating the angles of the brush is computed by combining photographs taken from painters with normal brush drawings and wrist shots in an appropriate ergonomic position. The point is that, During the painting, the angle of the Brush hair to the wall is important, Which is constantly changing During work. In normal brushes, this change of angle is made by changing the angle of the wrist of the painter. In this concept, the angle change has been transferred to the brush body and body joints.


Angle of the wrist in two modes:

1- Brush with a regular handle

2- Brush with a responsive handle